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Exploring the Wonders of French Guiana:

A Journey Through the Amazon Rainforest and Beyond

French Guiana, a small overseas department of France situated on the northern coast of South America, is a land of immense natural beauty and cultural richness. From the vast expanse of the Amazon rainforest to the historic city of Cayenne, French Guiana offers a unique blend of history, nature, and adventure that is unlike any other destination in the world.

One of the biggest draws of French Guiana is its pristine wilderness, which covers more than 90% of the land area. The Amazon rainforest is home to an incredible array of wildlife, from jaguars and tapirs to giant otters and macaws. Visitors can explore this pristine ecosystem on guided hikes, boat tours, and even kayaking expeditions.

For those looking to immerse themselves in the local culture, the city of Cayenne offers a fascinating glimpse into French Guiana’s complex history. The city’s colorful colonial architecture and vibrant marketplaces are a testament to its rich cultural heritage, which is deeply influenced by both African and indigenous traditions.

One of the most unique and captivating experiences in French Guiana is a visit to the Guiana Space Center, located near Kourou. This world-renowned spaceport has been used for numerous launches by the European Space Agency, making it a hub for cutting-edge space technology and scientific research. Visitors can take a guided tour of the center, which includes a behind-the-scenes look at the launch pads and a chance to see actual rockets up close.

Another popular attraction in French Guiana is the Salvation Islands, a group of three small islands off the coast of Kourou. The islands were once home to a notorious penal colony, but today they are a peaceful and picturesque destination for hiking, birdwatching, and relaxing on the beach.

French Guiana is also known for its delicious cuisine, which blends French, African, and indigenous flavors to create a unique and satisfying culinary experience. Local specialties include cassava bread, bouillon d’awara (a traditional soup made with palm fruit), and acoupa fish, which is often served grilled or in a savory stew.

Whether you are seeking adventure, relaxation, or a deeper understanding of the region’s culture and history, French Guiana is a destination like no other. With its pristine rainforests, vibrant cities, and world-class space technology, there is truly something for everyone in this captivating corner of South America.


How to get there and where to stay in French Guiana

Getting to French Guiana can be done by air or sea. The primary airport is Cayenne-Rochambeau Airport (CAY), located about 13 kilometers south of Cayenne. Several airlines offer regular flights to and from the airport, including Air France, Surinam Airways, and Copa Airlines. Alternatively, you can also take a boat from neighboring Suriname or Brazil.

As for accommodations, French Guiana offers a range of options for every budget and preference. In the city of Cayenne, you’ll find a mix of hotels, guesthouses, and apartments to choose from. Some of the most popular options include the Hotel Mercure Cayenne Royal Amazonia, the Hotel des Palmistes, and the Hotel Amazonia. Additionally, there are several eco-lodges and campsites throughout the rainforest, which provide a more immersive experience of the region’s natural beauty.

For those looking for a unique and immersive experience, it’s also possible to stay in indigenous communities or on the Salvation Islands. In the indigenous community of Kaw, for example, you can stay in a traditional hut and learn about the community’s way of life. On the Salvation Islands, there are a few guesthouses and bungalows available for rent, providing an opportunity to explore the islands in depth.

It’s worth noting that accommodations in French Guiana can be quite expensive, especially during the high season (June to September). If you’re traveling on a budget, consider staying in a guesthouse or eco-lodge outside of the main cities, or look for deals on travel websites and booking platforms.


What to visit in French Guiana

French Guiana is a unique destination with a wide range of attractions and activities to explore. Here are some of the top places to visit and things to do in French Guiana:

  1. Explore the Amazon Rainforest: French Guiana is home to vast swathes of the Amazon rainforest, which offer incredible opportunities for hiking, wildlife spotting, and cultural immersion. Some popular destinations for rainforest exploration include the Guiana Amazonian Park, the Cacao Nature Reserve, and the Marais de Kaw-Roura Nature Reserve.
  2. Visit the Guiana Space Centre: Located near the city of Kourou, the Guiana Space Centre is one of the world’s leading spaceports and a hub for cutting-edge space technology and scientific research. Visitors can take guided tours of the launch facilities, see rockets up close, and learn about the center’s history and future plans.
  3. Explore the historic city of Cayenne: Cayenne is French Guiana’s capital city and a hub of culture and history. Highlights include the Place des Palmistes, a central square surrounded by colonial architecture; the Musée Départmental Franconie, which houses an impressive collection of Guianese art and history; and the bustling marketplaces, where you can sample local foods and buy artisanal crafts.
  4. Visit the Salvation Islands: These three small islands off the coast of Kourou were once home to a notorious penal colony, but today they are a peaceful and picturesque destination for hiking, birdwatching, and relaxing on the beach.
  5. Visit indigenous communities: French Guiana is home to several indigenous communities, including the Wayana, the Palikur, and the Kali’na. Visitors can learn about their traditional way of life, take part in cultural activities and ceremonies, and support community-based tourism initiatives.
  6. Attend the Carnaval de Guyane: This vibrant and colorful carnival is a celebration of Guianese culture and history, featuring parades, music, dancing, and traditional costumes.
  7. Visit the Saint Laurent du Maroni: Located in the west of French Guiana, this historic town was once an important center for the French penal colony. Visitors can explore the ruins of the colonial prison, learn about the town’s history, and take boat tours along the Maroni River.

Whether you’re interested in history, culture, nature, or adventure, French Guiana has something to offer every type of traveler.

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